Interpace Diagnostics Enters into Collaborative Agreement with Viatar CTC Solutions to Detect and Characterize Early Cancer in Liquid Biopsies

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXG)(“Interpace” or the “Company”), a fully integrated commercial company that provides clinically useful molecular diagnostic tests and pathology services, today announced the initiation of a collaborative research program with Viatar CTC Solutions Inc. (Viatar), the cancer dialysis company.

The collaboration utilizes Viatar’s novel circulating tumor cell collection technology in combination with the Company’s commercialized PancraGEN™ assay that is used to help assess indeterminate pancreatic cancer biopsies in patients with pancreatic cysts. Studies are being designed to identify patients most likely to develop pancreatic cancer in the near future as well as to detect pancreatic cancer at its earliest stage of development.

These pre-clinical studies are expected to take place over the next six months and may lead to the implementation of early diagnostic testing and assessment for patients with pancreatic diseases and/or for those predisposed to the development of this aggressive and difficult to treat form of cancer most in need of early and accurate detection.

According to Jack E. Stover President & CEO of Interpace Diagnostics, “We are pleased to partner with Viatar, a company dedicated to CTC’s and in combination with our PancraGEN assay we are hopeful of providing early detection, prognosis and disease monitoring by way of liquid biopsies for pancreatic cancer at its earliest stage of detection. ”

About Interpace Diagnostics Group

Interpace is a fully integrated commercial company that provides clinically useful molecular diagnostic tests and pathology services for evaluating risk of cancer by leveraging the latest technology in personalized medicine for better patient diagnosis and management. The Company currently has three commercialized molecular tests: PancraGEN®, for the evaluation of pancreatic cysts and assessment of risk of concomitant or subsequent cancer; ThyGenX®, for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer from thyroid nodules utilizing a next generation sequencing assay; and ThyraMIR®, for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer from thyroid nodules utilizing a proprietary gene expression assay. Interpace’s mission is to provide personalized medicine through molecular diagnostics and innovation to advance patient care based on rigorous science. For more information, please visit Interpace Diagnostics’ website at

About PancraGEN®

PancraGEN® is a pancreatic cyst molecular test that, by using a small sample of pancreatic cyst fluid, can aid in pancreatic cancer risk assessment. PancraGEN® is 90% accurate, according to clinical studies, enabling effective risk stratification of patients. Pancreatic cancer is often difficult to diagnose in early stages and typically spreads rapidly with signs and symptoms appearing when the cancer is significantly advanced. Because of this, and that complete surgical removal of the pancreas is not possible, pancreatic cancer is considered a leading cause of cancer deaths.

About Viatar CTC Solutions

Viatar CTC Solutions Inc., the cancer dialysis company, is a medical technology company focused on the treatment of patients with metastatic cancer. The company’s lead product, the Viatar® Oncopheresis System, removes circulating tumor cells from liters of whole blood based on a patented filtration method using size and stiffness. Pending regulatory approval, it will be used as a periodic dialysis-like therapy for a wide range of solid tumor types such as lung, breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic and gastric cancers. This proprietary technology also powers the company’s liquid biopsy products, which are collection systems for use by genetic testing companies, researchers and medical oncologists that provide a greater quantity and purity of circulating tumor cells for their molecular analysis and personalized medicine objectives. For additional information about Viatar, go to

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